Dear readers, regarding this article that I will share below, "Why was this article written? What is your purpose?" There may be some people who may make criticisms such as: However, I do not aim to criticize any particular group in this article. Actually, there is nothing to criticize. I just wanted to share with you the results of a research I did.

Israel and Jews trace their lineage to Prophet Muhammad, who is considered the ancestor of heavenly religions. They base it on Abraham. According to Islamic belief, Hz. There are various narratives about Abraham. There are writings stating that Prophet Abraham was born in Urfa, that his father's name was Taruh, and that he married his mother's uncle Azer as a result of his father's death at an early age.

It is included in the most important books of the heavenly religions that the Prophet Abraham was assigned to guard the idol house and one day he destroyed the idols and then escaped from the king's torture and settled first in Egypt and then in today's Palestine-Israel lands. In the source books, it is stated that Prophet Abraham did not have a child from his first wife Sera, but that he had a boy from Hagar, the concubine given as a gift by the king Pharaoh, and this caused problems in the family. Later, despite her old age, Sahra became pregnant and gave birth to Isaac. It is said that he gave birth to

In written sources, there is also an incident that can be called a "sand fight" in which Hagar and her son were abandoned in Mecca, leaving the Prophet Abraham's family without water and food despite their cries. On the other hand, it is also stated that Sahra and Prophet Abraham lived in the same nest until their death.

Even today, the Jewish and Jewish communities living in Israel and various countries around the world trace their lineage to the Prophet Muhammad of Kurdish origin from Urfa, known as the ancestor of the heavenly religions. They base it on the prophet Abraham. In this article, based on the information I have obtained from the writings and sources of many researchers, I propose that the Jewish ancestry is based on their Kurdish compatriots.